Charlie's Petranella

Kommender Charlie Lindstrom’s reentry and first days out of hyperspace back in 22nd century Sweden haven’t exactly gone to plan: Aside from becoming the richest pilot in Europe since an accounting error paid him 68 years salary for only 210 days interstellar, he’s out on the streets and out on bail with charges against him for murder in the first degree.

He also wants answers on what's taken his wife (while she was frozen in a Cryo-pod).

Not that he expected to become single all over again with a stack of coin to his name, facing his own execution on an electric chair for the murder of his own international and interplanetary crew. By decree of an uninvited purple jury.

Charlie never voted on that.

If only the alien occupation in Stockholm didn’t make the Finnish look so good.

Charlie's Petranella is our summer preview of Charlie, Petranella, Tierra.

It's available to your email on this page.

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