We're Just Friends

"the age-old trial between friends and lovers; times change but the need for love never."

Vanessa McMahon


A California Girl


Then a little voice of reason inside of him spoke up.

“That’s the spirit Buddy, ditch the bitch and make the switch!”

Well, he couldn’t disagree with that. Then in his mind’s eye, he saw him: A tiny man dressed all in black and hidden under a balaclava.

Robert knew who this Balaclava Man was: Shame n'Anger. Shame and anger were as far as he was concerned, solid energies. Like the energy he needed to tell Rosie to get out of his bed for instance. “Yessiree!" Shame called up from his churning stomach. "She’s rubbing your face in it, bud!”

She was teasing him. Actually, this chick was the definition of a tease. And he was fuming, but he couldn’t realistically kick Rosie out in the dead of night. Mr. Shame n’ Anger on the other hand knew what really lived in Robert’s heart.

Even if Robert couldn't quite admit it to himself, Shame knew. He hated her.

Here is the full text (2200 words) for your reading pleasure. Opens in new window. (Works best on desktops and non mobile devices).

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