Dead Sexy (Memoir of an Affair)

PODCAST version now live here:

"I have to confess about an hour and a bit later I was sipping on an ice cold beer like my girlfriend didn’t matter anymore. At the same time I was wondering if Alex’s laughter was the authentic mating call of the truly unexpected French giggle."


Full text is here. Click the book and opens in a new window.

Sam's 19 and dissatisfied. Failing college by day, and dodging his girlfriend's kitchenware by night. After her latest attack with an eggbeater, he escapes into a raining NYC night, straight into the arms of the exotic Alexandra and Suki. Alex and Suki's glamor disguises more than their competitiveness or insatiable thirst for what Sam has.

It's a far from typical 'one-night stand'. And for Sam, not in a good way, if he wants to get out of this alive.

Read Dead Sexy from your desktop or mobile with our new doc droid hosted PDFs (google docs aren't mobile friendly).

Click "Dead Sexy Dispatch" and it will open in a new window of your phone.

If you prefer to listen we've posted the audiobook reading here:

"She was so delicate. Like a child. Frightened by her own shadow."

"Even under layers of generously applied bronzer I could see she was more excited than angry."

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