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Welcome to my Music Video & Event showreel: From the Cannes Film Festival to independent music videos. This series are pretty much all 'directing reels' at heart.

With this in mind, I directed all included music videos here, and co-directed the screeners club series. 

Here is my event management resume and brochure for your review.

With regards, Scott 

Scott's Animation & Comedy Director's Showreel.

Dur: 2 mins and 34 seconds (excl. titles)​

Opening bumper:  Highlights including 'Race Around The World',  'Nice Shades', 'Life Is Ordinary', "S.L.A.G: Best Enemies'.

Main body: (1) Going Down Under 'opening cartoon', (2) Louis Balloon, (3) The Amazing Adventures of Monkey Head Man, (4) I AM HE, aka 'Desperately Seeking Satan', (5)  ABC TV's Recovery Olympic Moments 'Episode One'. 

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