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Scott Herford's  screen director dramatic showreel

This draft runs 4:57  exc. titles.


Opening bumper, Scene arrangement & mood, Stakeholder relations (inc. illustrations of proposed action drawn by me), On screen performances.

Selected scenes:  S.L.A.G: Best Enemies (1) Sand In Her Face, (2) You're A Liar, (3) Behind the scenes 'making of' fight training clip with 25 member cast,

(4) 'Girls vs. Guys houseparty' (section),

(5) A Girl & A Boy (clip)

(6) Life Is Ordinary 'Community TV phone call' (section).  

I hope you enjoy it. While you're here, why not pick up a brochure and resume to boot?

Best regards, 


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Scott's Drama Reel Teaser

A showreel big enough to demand its own teaser.


And here it is: Starring Chris Lilley, Gabrielle Scollay,

Daniel Boggs and Jennifer Van Heeckaren.



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