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That's what Dr. Win Wenger asked me in one of our several conversations on childhood auditory development and learning.

I was certainly curious, and if anyone anywhere knew human brain power could be upregulated, then it had to be  Dr. Wenger. 

He’d already done it for himself,  through a practice he discovered during his last summer in graduate school.  He achieved this radical improvement through the targeted use of his university pool.  



Yes, I’d read about how Dr. Wenger permanently improved blood flow directly to his brain-stem through the 21 day protocol he refined.  One that accesses a mechanism inside most warm blooded animals, known as ‘the  mammalian dive response’.   (Or  dive reflex).


In Wenger's study he was able to also show an average increase in participants'  thalamus  and hypothalamus, averaging 19.2% growth and  without incident to brain or bodily function. 


From this November 13, 2022 in Sydney Australia, Venus Point P/L presents

'The Wenger Method’.

It's modelled on the breakthrough work of Dr. Win Wenger.  The Wenger Method rests on 21 days of underwater swimming all done at 3 metres depth or more (in short bursts). 

Each day for a three week period, to ensure desired vein growth all swimmers complete a 1 hour ‘mostly underwater’ swim, any time or where it suits them.  

Over 4 consecutive Sundays November 13 to December 4 we are facilitating a 1 hour group swim, with community circle Q&A discussion (3pm to 4:30pm). The 21 days will complete with a final celebration.   


The program is open to competent swimmers  (I.e you can leisurely freestyle 50m without rest). All of whom must be willing and able to spot and assist others where necessary.   


Due to the largely underwater  component we recommend the visibility afforded by use of a full or half-faced SCUBA mask. 

The idea is to maximise sensory input to foster ease and safety. 


We advise swimmers to use all tools available in order to make swimming a few feet under the surface as relaxing and assured as possible.  Our aim is for all involved to experience being in the water with an active mammalian dive response.    Like learning to ride a bike, or attain neutral buoyancy.  The dive response typically ‘kicks in’ after approximately  150-200metres of relaxed underwater swimming.   

“21 days to transform your life for good."

The format is 4 x Sunday swim meet-ups with weekly ‘buddy ups’,  these buddy ups can take any format you both agree on.  

They’re designed to motivate and help hold you to account.   The program only works if you give to it every day for the full 21 days. 


It only works if you work it and we don’t want to leave anyone behind. 




Is this free-diving?


No, this is summer swimming with 30sec to 1.30secs or more in underwater bursts.  Free divers stay underwater for minutes.  There is much we can learn from successful free divers.  If you wish to learn more please visit: Teacher, Johan Egbergs at 



How deep will I go? 


We’ll be swimming in a total of 7.5 ft depth each Sunday.  Dr. Wenger recommends staying around depths where pressure of 4ft or more depth is sustained.   The reason for this is the progressive resistance attained.   We are building strength with weight to expand the neck based Carotid arteries to deliver increased oxygen and blood flow to the brainstem.


Like lifting weights in the gym the gains will happen mainly at rest and be buoyed by optimal nutrition. 


What other changes can I expect? 


Other accounts have recorded a more trim and built chest and body  over the 21 days.  Results will vary, and we are providing a checklist of key foods to include.  The weather is set to be fine. 


Outdoor water temperature looks to be around  22c so we predict that the program will delight and amaze all involved.  


We’re going underwater and there’s something, deeply primal about ‘the dark’ and conquering that. 

What exists on the other side of that for you?   




How do I get started? 


We have 12 spots available.  The tuition is $199 or $99 concession (with valid ID).  

For those who complete the 4 Sundays with buddy verification of all swims we have an another incentive.   Complete all 21 days and on final celebration we’ll give you back $99, or $48 concession with our compliments. 

With regards,


Scott Herford 

Venus Point P/L

Either schedule a call or sign up right now. 

"What would you do with 10-15 points additional I.Q measured brain power?"

2022 A Venus Point Community Project 





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